Adsense Miracle: Don’t Get Banned

Adsense Profits Exposed

If you have gone through my earlier posts or articles, you must have understood what Adsense is all about. However, the following will surely help you keep check of your Adsense activities.

Make sure you follow the terms of service. Google do have exceptional monitoring ability and if you are found violating their TOS, your account will be suspended which will render all your efforts moot.

To maximize your CTR, you need to have number informative pages about varying topics with a consistent theme for your website. This will give more Ads to choose from.

Use keywords to your advantage. Don’t always be moved by higher paying keywords. They can be very rewarding but you have to think relevance. And use variation of keywords for added advantage.

Always focus on providing good quality information. Unique information on your web pages will get you more targeted Ads and hence more effective.

Experiment with different Ad display formats on your web page and find out what works for you. Position your Ad blocks to be visible and yet does not put off the readers. Use the Google AdSense preview toolbar to your advantage and see how the ads will appear on your website. Get a hands-on feel of how the visitor to your website will view your web page.

Do not resort to fraudulent or deceptive means for generating clicks on the ads that are on your page. Some of the methods that are prohibited by Google AdSense are:

• Automated clicking programs

• Repeated manual clicks

• Using robots to generate clicks

• Clicking your own ads

• Tricking your visitors into clicking on your ads by using fraudulent means

The content of your website should not hide the Ad text or URL. It is adivisable to use the same font, font size and color that you used on the content of your site for your Ads as well. Also use the same background all through. This is all to make the Ads part of the content of your site.

Avoid broken links on your site; they do the same harm as old content. Screen your site of any illegal content. Make your site easily navigable. And update your site from time to time to avoid outdated information.

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