Adsense Program Tracking And Reports

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You will sure need to track the results of your marketing efforts. This will help you focus your efforts and make necessary adjustments. A free tracking feature “Channels” is offered by Google. You can use these channels to track Ads on specific sites and there are two channel types you can choose from. Let us take a look at them.

URL Channels

This helps to track the performance of web pages. The process involves entering a partial or full URL in the channel and it does not alter your Ad code. A page URL will track the performance of that page. However, if you want to track the performance of all pages on a specific domain, you will need to enter a top-level domain name.

Custom Channels

This is used to track the performance of a webpage based on the criteria selected. Here, Google allows you to choose the specific factor you would like to track and customize the channel according to your requirements. It is rather a very flexible method of Adsense tracking where you can customize up to 50 custom channels.

It also allows you to compare the performance of certain Ads or pages with other Ads or pages. You can track where your clicks are coming from and duplicate your efforts on that part. It is a good idea to name your channel in such a way that it is easy to identify different channels in reports, especially if you are using a dozen or more.

Server Logs

There are also various high quality external Adsense tracking software packages to track the performance of your Adsense program in greater details. Most of this software runs locally and you can actually access certain information that Google doesn’t track for you. However, be aware that none of these third-party software solutions are “endorsed” by Google currently but most of them guarantee to operate within AdSense guidelines. Make sure they do, because you might loose your account status over a technical violation by a third party.

Some of the services rendered by tracking softwares include;

  • The website your visitors are coming from.
  • The type of web browser they are using.
  • The search keywords typed in by your visitors that actually brought them to you.
  • Where the actual Ad clickers are coming from.

It is always advisable to use the combination of Google channels and a third party tracking software for a full comprehension and tracking of your Adsense account.

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