Adsense Miracle: Ad placement and Customization

Adsense Profits Exposed

If your site is accepted in Google Adsense program, you surely want to maximize the opportunity. In this article, we will look at two of the most effective strategies for generating optimum revenue from the Google AdSense program.

Format Your Ad Blocks

Most webmasters believe that an Ad has a high chance of being clicked when it blends with the rest of the content of the site. For instance, if your site’s background color is white using a black font color, your Ads has been of the same font color and font size with your content.

Actually, you don’t need to struggle much with whether graphic ads or text will be better on your pages, as Google’s technology will suggest whether an image ad or a text ad will be more suitable and which will earn you maximum revenues (since you earn part of they earn, they have motives to get this mix right).

Ad Placement

It is now known, the location of the site user is your site. Hence you are going to determine the best place to place your Ads for better performance. Here location means on which pages, where in the pages and so on.

There are certain factors to consider.  You will have to break down a clustered content into sections or more pages. This will encourage readability and offer you more appropriate places for your Ads.

As noted, we generally recommend text-based ads. However, text-dense sites may actually do better with image ads. If your site has very few graphics, you may want to balance it out by putting image-based ads. In the monotony of a lot of dense written information, image-based ads and graphics provide what’s called visual relief. This can also prompt clicks

Your Ads will definitely get noticed easier if you place your Ads as near to the top of your page as possible. If you choose to place so-called ‘skyscraper’ ads – in magazines these would be called columns – on the sidebars of your webpage, it would be wise to place them on the right side of your principal content areas. The reason for this is the visitor to your page (in most languages) will read from left to right, he or she will chance upon the Ad ultimately, if not consciously then at least out of habit. Their eyes will go there. From the left, they can visually “skip” the ad when they start reading next to it.

While some affiliate marketing programs encourage finding a way to get clicks from your site visitors, it annoys Google. And you may be banned from Google Adsense programs for such act. Moreover, urging your visitors for clicks may as well annoy them. And believe, you definitely want them back. So don’t push them away by ‘subjecting’ them to make money for you.

Good and interesting content makes your site better, more acceptable to Google, more likely to win with AdSense, and therefore more profitable for you!

My goal is to equip you to get started on the road to making money with Adsense. And I will give you as much secret as I can. Talking about substantial income from the internet, Adsense really pays. If you want more resources and tips, follow this link

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