Adsense Keyword Research: Making Words Work for You

Adsense Miracle Profits Exposed

Having an effective Adsense program requires that you choose the right keywords for your web pages. This will influence both who visits your site and how Adsense assigns Ads to you.

Most web masters will advice you go for those high paying keywords as they will generate more income and give high ranking on search engines. It is really tempting to choose those high ranking keywords; you must be prudent in selecting the keywords that goes with the Ads that will be displayed in your site. Remember your goal is to get as much clicks as you can. Not SEO ranking.

Let us consider this scenario; your website talks about website creation tutorials. You reviewed phrases and keywords with website creation in it and you find “website hosting” at the top three and available, so you buy it. Now the corresponding Ads will also focus on website hosting. If you check the statistics of your webpage and Adsense account, you will see that you are loosing visitors and money at the same time.

What happened is that you are sending the right people to the wrong place. The people coming to your site are looking for website hosting information, tools and resources; whereas your site is talking about website creation. The keyword selection is faulty in this place, even when it seemed like a good idea initially. What will your visitors do? “Click” bye bye.

Always remember, relevance is more important than value. Choosing keywords that are relevant to your content will not only direct the right people to your website but will also encourage clicks in a search for more tips. From the above instance, you could have chosen website creation, website creation tutorial, website creation tools, website creation tips, easy website creation tips and so on.

Here are some of the ways you can research your keywords for effective Adsense Ads:

• You can check out the popularity of various keywords if you already have an account with Google AdWords. This way you will get an idea of the popularity of various keywords as well as the cost and returns that entail.

• Google AdWords also has a tool known as the Adwords Keyword Tool which can sometimes help you search for alternate keywords and variations.

• Another tool known as Keyword Analyzer can generate numerous key phrases that are typed by Internet users in different search engines.

• Consider getting a Word Tracker account. They have an excellent tool that suggests top 1,000 most popular keywords. This tool can also help you create a list of relevant keywords for your webpage. You can learn a lot from a small investment here.

• Another great idea is to search for top 100 keywords on 7 Search which will give you an idea of high-paying keywords.

Your Clickthrough rate will be boosted tremendously by including the right keywords in your web copy, of course. Keywords occurring in your ads are usually highlighted on the search engine results page. This also helps in drawing additional attention to your Ad.

Experiences have proved that using domain names that are keyword rich and relevant to the content of your site will definitely increase your Traffic and CTR. However, domain names with the keywords that you want might be expensive to purchase from a broker, but you can also buy used domain names that are no longer active, often for just a few dollars per year.

My goal is to equip you to get started on the road to making money with Adsense. And I will give you as much secret as I can. Talking about substantial income from the internet, Adsense really pays. Check out this great product, click here, its result is amazing.

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